Chances are you want to make some changes in your life. Something needs a tune-up. And you’re looking at options, trying to figure out which counselor is right for you.

You’ll want someone who is easygoing but gets to the heart of the matter when it’s time. Most importantly, you’ll want someone who is skilled, compassionate, and insightful–who can understand how past experiences influence the present.

My training has taught me how to help you understand the roots of your emotions, so that stressful experiences are less triggering. 

I strive to listen with an open heart and open mind—so that you can express yourself without fear of judgment. I respect your intuition as to what you share and when. 

And, in listening to your story, I aim to help you understand yourself better, so that you can heal in the process. Most of all, I keep the focus on what you want out of therapy.

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Research shows that trauma can occur from one-time events, ongoing stress, and overlooked causes. Moreover, trauma is defined not by the event but by your body’s response. And it can leave you struggling with upsetting emotions, memories, and triggers that keep showing up.

Trauma is simply any adverse experience that feels overwhelming, confusing, or difficult that results a damaging belief change.

Ultimately, I strive to help you understand your emotional triggers and feel more in control of your mind-body response, so that you can live more mindfully and peacefully.

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Are you and your partner having the same arguments, feeling unsupported, or experiencing doubts about your relationship? Do either of you frequently criticize the other? Or, perhaps, your communication could simply use some fine tuning.

My job is to help you work through difficult emotions, identify underlying issues, and improve your communication. So, you may enjoy a more satisfying relationship.

Esther Perel puts it well. “The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.”

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