Suzanne Fry counseling a couple in West Virginia on their relationship


Do you struggle with regulating your emotions? Or do you feel numb, disconnected, or unable to trust others? Do you feel easily triggered but not know why? Trauma, adversity, or stress can have lasting effects on our minds and bodies. Trauma is simply any adverse experience that feels overwhelming, confusing, or difficult that results a damaging belief change.

Adverse or stressful life experiences may show up as symptoms in your mind and body, even though it’s in the past. It’s in indication that a memory negatively changed your beliefs at the gut-level – who you are, what your worthiness is, what you can expect from the world and others, and so forth. You can know logically that these beliefs are not true, but not know it in your gut.

Your brain always references the past when making present decisions, so it’s helpful to let the body reprocess the past and shake off the yuck. My goal is to help you understand your triggers and lower their disturbance, so that your mind and body feel better and more in control of your present.

An older man with graying hair and a gray beard sitting in a chair, looking into the camera, happy about the counseling he received from Suzanne Fry, Licensed Professional Counselor in Lewisburg, WV


Are you having the same arguments, experiencing doubts, or feeling unsupported? Do you feel frequently criticized by or critical of your partner? Or are you at a turning point in your relationship?

My goal is to help you work through difficult emotions, understand each other more, and strengthen healthy habits.

Esther Perel puts it well. “The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.”

A pregnant couple sitting on a white couch sipping tea, reflecting on the counseling they just received from Suzanne Fry, Licensed Professional Counselor in Lewisburg, WV

Ready to make changes in your life?

Please let me know how I can be of help. I want you to feel supported during every phase of the process. Counseling, although sometimes uncomfortable, can help you learn about yourself, identify areas for growth, and give you the power to heal your mind, body, and spirit.

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